Broadway’s Catch Me If You Can Producers

Broadway’s Catch Me If You Can Producers

Scott and Brian Zeilinger discuss the opening of their Broadway show, Catch Me If You Can.

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Show #32 - Airs 5/23/11

Aired May 25 2011

We'll straighten out the latest in hair care.

Your friend’s baby is being a bit of a brat – should you demonstrate how to discipline?  Our relationship roundup takes a time out for this topic.

Do buyers need to beware? Do sellers have to settle?  We’ll share realtors’ rules that may reduce your risk. 

A collision with a car was her wake-up call.  What can you learn from her conclusions?

She wants to put health and wellness on her family menu. Kathy has just the recipe!

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Show #31 - Airs 5/16/11

Aired May 25 2011

Are you and your lawn BFF's or sworn rivals? We'll patch things up.

When you’re gabbing with your gal pals, how much about your mate should you share? Our relationship roundup reveals their responses.

Mommy needs a makeover! We’ll find out how a change in appearance can change your outlook.

Can you teach an old dog new tricks?  We’re going to try!

What do women really want? Coach Kathy has the answer to the age old question.

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Show #30 - Airs 5/9/11

Aired May 12 2011

We love our homes – but if we’re selling one, what’s worth changing – and what’s not?

Up next – you love your spouse, you love your kids – but are you first a mate or a mom? Our relationship roundup responds.

And later in the show – couples who play together, really do stay together!  Find out why “fun” is the name of the game

what is your mate worth to you? and what are you worth to your mate? We’ll help you even out your relationship.

she wants to tap her toes; he wants to sit on the sidelines.  Kathy shares some fancy footwork to put these partners cheek to cheek.

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New Day, New Time, New Fun!

January 12 2011

We're kicking the New Year off with a whole lot of fun - and we're bringing it to you at a new day and time! Can You Relate? has moved to Mondays at 12:30 on Channel 3. Tune in each week for all the information you need to make your relationships work!

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You CAN relate!

October 16 2010

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First show is taped!

September 24 2010

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